"Respectful coexistence is possible with those with differing values."

The Mormon Church, after the Supreme Court refused to take up cases to reinstate laws against same sex marriages in several states, including Utah, on October 6, 2014.

And for once they are right - respectful coexistence is possible.  It’s just that the Mormon Church only demonstrates it when forced to by law.

It wasn’t “respectful coexistence” when they sought to forcibly end marriages of gays in California with Prop8.

It wasn’t “respectful coexistence” when they sought, and fought, to outlaw equality under the law for gay couples.

And it’s not “respectful coexistence” when you only, and grudgingly, accept equality when forced by the law.

So you can take your fake “respectful coexistence” and shove it up your holy asses.

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Very reminiscent of 1978, different group same church.

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my body is a temple, but it’s a temple to dionysus

Also yeah my mobile header is Jesus howling at the moon it’s the only picture I have on my iPad. Enjoy my serious adult blog.

Sorry for my long absence!

Life has been so busy and hectic, I’ve kind of forgotten this blog as I’ve moved and my life is predominately work, school, and getting shitfaced honestly. I’m a 20 year old extroverted piece of garbage so it’s to be expected. I’ll try to answer the questions in a more timely manner and I think I’m going to start posting more, but the church’s involvement in my life is varied these days. My family is very LDS but almost all my friends are not or they’re ex-LDS like me with varying levels of support. I might even do some posts about them in a “hi, I’m a happy, healthy young adult, here’s my story, I’m an ex-Mormon” type way with them if they consent! Either way, I’m going to try to be on here a bit more even if it’s short and to vent in a stupid way! Thank you all for your continued support and thank you all for reaching out and finding each other and me and for this whole online ex-LDS community!

A message from Anonymous
So my family are all hardcore tbm. However I haven't believed in two years. I'm 15 so I have three years until I'm 18 and it's getting really hard to keep it quiet. I think my parents suspect something, but I know if I tell them I'll be cut off from everything and not allowed seeing any of my friends. It's just getting so hard to keep quiet because the church's teachings go completely against my personal beliefs. Should I just tell my parents straight out? Or what? Thanks :)

Hi, I’m super sorry that this is happening to you! I recommend you do whatever you think will best in the long run! I don’t know your personal scenario and there may be people more qualified to answer this question, I’ll try my best! If it really is consuming your life and you can’t do it anymore, I would suggest talking to your parents and airing some concerns you have with credible sources to back it up. Your parents may be extremely angry and they may react negatively, but if you feel it’s what you need to do to feel better, at least do it as calmly and as educated as you can be and expect whatever consequences! I personally just lied my way through it until I was old enough to get out and live my life the way I wanted to, but it isn’t without hardship. Please please PLEASE work hard at school and work to make sure you have a good foundation to stand on when you’re 18. Whether it’s work and not college or the opposite, or both, make sure you have a plan just in case you’re kicked out at 18 or you go away to college and can live the way you want. Also it displays something that a lot of exmormon youth don’t think of, mormons are taught that if you’re not successful and happy it’s because you’re not faithful enough or you’re a sinner. If you can live happily it also dispels the lie that the church=happiness. It’s still okay to fail at things, but I want you to be as happy and successful as you can be in life and it’s a good way to show that you can be good without mormon incorporated. If you need someone to vent to, I’m here along with a huge online exmormon community! Good luck, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and I’d love some updates!

A message from Anonymous
What is your opinion on the other sect of Mormonism such as The Community of Christ?

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog! Heres a short answer, as I’m on my iPad in a coffee shop and I need to be quick! Most of the other sects left because of LDS doctrine changes or disagreements, such as polygamy, so I think they’re all just as wacko for the most part. I haven’t explored all of them in depth yet so I can’t give you a concrete answer, but honestly I don’t want to. The church of Christ is the only one I respect and like in any way and here’s why: 1. I respect Emma Hale regardless of her shitty excuse of a first husband because she’s a phenomenal woman and mother and she was a member along with her son who founded it. 2. The church accepts all races and sexualities AND anyone is allowed to have the priesthood including LGBT, people of color, and women! 3. Their teachings are a lot more centered on the loving teachings of christ and teaching love and acceptance and personal betterment of ones self without judgement or hatred of anyone. If I was a religious person and not literally the devil, I would definitely consider being a member. Thank you! Have a lovely day!

A message from Anonymous
Hello! I joined the church June 7th '14 but I had been going to church for 2 months before baptism. Now into my baptism I am finding things about the church that don't make a lot of sense to me. My mum is also a member. I am very unhappy in the church as I don't believe in everything they teach and it is making my anxiety/depression worse. I don't know what to do as when I told my mum she said that I am too soon into the church and I can leave when I'm 18 if I feel that way. Please help! :( x

Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog! I don’t know how old you are or your specific circumstances, but I think that you should share your concerns with your mother. A lot of people cling to the church because it’s so inviting and warm at first and that’s how it reels people in, especially “softer” people, and I mean zero offense by that, a lot of people desire that sense of community and meaning in life that religion brings. I would show her some sources to your concerns and ask her questions about it and tell her that you don’t know how comfortable you feel about the religion. If she rejects these ideas or asks church officials and they tell her different things and you’re stuck going, all I can tell you as a stranger is to better yourself in other ways and find other things to distract you from the wait you have until you can officially stop going. Work hard at school and focus on creating a bigger and brighter future for yourself! Always remember that a whole community of people are here for you online and a lot probably even have better recommendations than I do! I’m also always here for you if you ever need someone to vent to! Have a lovely day and I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

A message from katejosephinep
I'm 16 and my mom is making me go to the Mormon church and it suck really sucks I am counting down till my 18 bday

Hello! I’m really, really sorry that this is happening to you! I remember the feeling, I lived it as well, and all I can offer you is someone to talk to and a place of safety in the online ex-LDS community. Pease hold on and work hard, so that when your 18, you can live your life by your own rules and take on the world! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and if you ever need to get away or vent, I’d love to be that person for you, or literally ANYONE reading this. Everyone I’ve talked to online that is ex-LDS have consecutively been extremely giving and understanding and helpful I also live in downtown SLC if anyone needs a friend in real life as well as online! Cheers, and thank you for visiting my blog!


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