Wow….it is calling the women protesting “heretics”?!?! They do realize that most people associate that word with burning people at the stake right?

Reminds me of a story about another person being called a blasphemer and heretic 2,000 years ago. Doesn’t it. 

Punching myself in the face so hard right now.


Good point.

Moroni = I Moron


For those of you who have no idea who Horus is, well I suggest a bit of reading, or better yet a visit to one of the many well-known museums of the world. Horus just happens to be another fictional god from ancient Egypt. His mythical story was copied many years later and attributed to a man named Jesus of Nazareth.

- The Iranian Atheist (


Any Mormons who fasted in hopes of Mitt Romney becoming president back in 2012 probably need to get drunk on wine coolers and rethink their life

"I’m not Anti-Mormon - I’m Pro-Truth. I know the full history of the church - a history the current leadership did not want me to know. When I asked for more details - I was denied, told I was looking beyond the mark, kicking against the pricks or told to put my questions on the shelf and obey. I was promised that if I became a Mormon I would no longer thirst at the well of knowledge - that I’d be fully quenched. But what I found was an empty, dry well - so I went in search of knowledge. What I found ripped the entire fabric of Mormonism apart. The image that I was sold was not the truth. I was lied to - carefully spoon fed a carefully correlated tapestry of fiction - and now I knew the truth. And for proclaiming the truth - I was called an Anti-Mormon."

Probably my favorite exMo. Can you tell? ;)


Probably my favorite exMo. Can you tell? ;)